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About Us

Our Entertainment Style…

floor-monogramSo the question is “What is Platinum DJ’s Entertainment style?

You Are The Stars, Not Us. As professional event directors and entertainers, we do not try to be the center of attention, stand on tables, make wisecracks or scream at your guests. We keep the spotlight on the guests of honor and on great music.

Guest Involvement – We interact and have fun with your guests, but we know where the appropriate style stops and obnoxious behavior begins. We do not ask your guests to sing songs or play tacky games like “pass our business card around”. DJ’s trying to drum up business use these tactics.

Professional Conduct – We are skilled at introductions and announcements. Any special activities during your party will be coordinated with your other service professionals and handled with experienced planning.

Personable, Dependable Service – We have built a solid reputation on balancing fun and dignity to create celebrations that entertain and impress you and your guests. And our professional equipment is pleasing to the eye without tacky company banners or signs,

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