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10 Questions your Reception DJ should ask you!

Congratulations on your engagement! You are now on the hunt to secure a professional team of wedding vendors, including a wedding Emcee/DJ. As you begin your reception planning, you will certainly have questions for the DJ. And a professional wedding DJ should also be asking you certain questions. A DJ that doesn’t ask some of the following questions may be inexperienced, and possibly not a good fit for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Read on to learn these 10 important questions.

10 Questions that a Wedding DJ Should Ask You

  1. How did You Hear About Us? – A DJ company owner will be interested to learn from what advertising medium (e.g., The Knot, WeddingWire, Facebook) or referral source your inquiry derived, in order to get on a common ground with you the prospective client. Professional DJ companies are also keenly interested in tracking the success of their various marketing initiatives.
  2. Where are You Having Your Reception?– The DJ company must determine if your venue is within the company’s geographic coverage area. The DJ will also be eager to share stories of working at your particular venue. Some DJs are willing to travel great distances to perform at a wedding, but may impose a travel charge for distances greater than an hour.
  3. What Did You Like About Our Website? – It is assumed that you took at least a preliminary look at the DJ’s website. A wedding DJ’s website will typically contain service descriptions, reviews, photos and videos. To direct the conversation, a DJ will want to know exactly what you found enticing about the website.
  4. Can You Describe Your Vision of the Music and Entertainment for Your Wedding? – Wedding DJs have a wealth of specialties from those who are great music mixers, to those who are skilled masters of ceremonies, to those who are great dancers. Some DJ companies specialize in lavish productions (e.g., plasmas, intelligent lighting, special effects) while others focus more on providing fun, interactive entertainment relying on just two turntables and microphone. Your DJ should want to determine (a) if they are the right company to perform at your wedding, and (b) if so, which staff DJ is the best fit. I routinely match my wedding clients with the staff member who has the optimal skills and specialties for the particular couple.
  5. Can You Provide a Breakdown on Who Will be Attending Your Wedding Reception? – How many guests in total are attending, and what is the breakdown between family and friends? Is this a dancing crowd? Knowing the dynamic of your guests will allow a DJ to make smart recommendations on the music mix and appropriate entertainment style.
  6. Would You Consider Yourselves Introverts or Extroverts? – Introverted couples may prefer a more subdued entertainer and equipment presentation (e.g., lights), while extroverted couples may prefer to learn more about equipment options such as intelligent lighting, plasma displays and custom monograms.
  7. What Level of Interaction do You Seek from Your Wedding DJ/Emcee? – Attending weddings as a guest, you may have clear ideas on what level of interaction best fits your style. Emcee styles vary from understated elegance to over-the-top emcee showmanship. A DJ company owner seeks to provide you the proper personnel to fulfill your vision.
  8. What are Some of Your Favorite and Least Favorite Styles of Music? Music is such a unique experience, and a professional wedding DJ will make a detailed examination of your musical preferences (and dislikes!) realizing that one sizes does not fit all.
  9. Is it more important that the DJ executes your entire musical playlist or keeps guests dancing? No DJ would deliberately ignore a client’s playlist without checking in with the client first. Let’s say that guests are not responding to some of the bride’s selected songs, does the DJ have your permission to expand the set to songs that in his professional opinion will work?
  10. Is There Any Special Information That We Should Be Aware of in Customizing Your Reception? – This question spans many special situations from unusual family dynamics, possible unruly (drunk) guests who may seek to commandeer the microphone, or the wannabe DJ who will be requesting obscure and inappropriate music all night long.

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